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City Bike Crystal Unisex

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Embassy Bikes
rear - torpedo brake, front - drum brake
Frame material
aluminium (alloy 6061), light frame, with a comfortable low step - easy on and off
Wheel size (inches)
balloon tires, 26”/2.35, AV valves for easy pump. Wide aluminium rims.
Number of gears
3 or 7 Shimano Nexus - to choose.
white pearl
Cruiser "Montana" - very comfortable steering wheel arch: width: 71 cm, color chrome. It relieves the wrists and forces a straight position while driving.
Handlebar stem:
2 regulation levels - stem height & handlebar angle.
Lowest handlebar height:
110 cm - handlebars parallel to the ground.
Maximum handlebar height:
118 cm - handlebars parallel to the ground.
Handlebar grips
leatherette material
Lowest saddle height:
87 cm
Maximum saddle height:
102 cm
Wide and very comfortable, with double coil spring, assures smooth shock absorption. Light foam filling. Waterproof.
Wspornik sztycy siodła + obejma
przód i tył – lampa diodowa typu retro
Weight (estimated)
15 kg
Package size
190 cm x 27 cm x 102 cm
Tools included:
allen key 5mm / 6mm - multitool with 15mm / 13mm / 17mm wrenches
160 cm - 190 cm
retro platform pedals, kickstand, bell. In Deluxe version also: rear rack, basket, seat cover and basket liner.


Are you looking for a city bike that is both stylish and modern, and you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will look great on it? Here it is.

Our unisex cruiser is a versatile solution that no other city bike will offer you. The beautiful retro California-inspired design, in a thoughtful form, guarantees a comfortable ride for both men and women. Smart, sleek and unique.

Our cruisers give you the perfect balance between everyday city riding and the desire to venture out on less paved trails.

Embassy Bikes are iconic American cruisers, which we equipped with everything you need for a comfortable ride. This version of the bike comes standard with, among other things, an aluminum frame, an excellent quality front drum brake

The beautiful frame geometry gives the bike a retro feel, with a modern twist. Thanks to wider tires and a suspension saddle, you will experience exceptional comfort both in the city and on forest paths. You will easily overcome curbs, sand and even potholes. Also, wider than standard, Moon handlebars help you properly maintain a natural body position while riding - your back is straightened and your elbow joints and wrists are relieved. 

Each of our bikes is equipped with high-quality components, including Shimano Nexus gears and a drum brake. These are built into the wheel - so they are weatherproof. The entire brake mechanism is hidden in the hub, so the wheel rim is not exposed to additional wear, unlike the external shoe brake. This is a brake that assists in braking and is maintenance-free - the brake shoe lining wears out slowly and does not need to be replaced for a long time.


o Drum brake

o Highest quality components - (including Shimano Nexus, Sturmey Archer) - guarantee of failure-free performance.

o Color: specially designed by us white pearl color, additionally covered with clear lacquer, which protects your bike from scratches.

o Lightweight frame made of 6061 aluminum used in aviation, with comfortable low step-over - easy to get on and off.

o Product 100% assembled in Poland. 2-year guaranty.