About us

Our adventure began in 2005, in a Californian bike shop. We were working there, realizing our youthful American dream, in the vibrant sunlight of San Diego. And that was where we could see and touch the legendary cruisers for the first time. They were so different from heavy mtb’s and thin folding bikes we knew from our local background. For us, this model became a symbol of everything that kids growing up on the other side of the ocean thought of American culture. With its motorcycle-like geometry and big wheels, it was a perfect match for surfers commuting to the beach, punk rockers practicing in their buddy's garage in the suburbs, and all Californians riding it for miles and miles of their great freedom.  We carried our love of speed, spaciousness and beautiful bikes with us across the Atlantic. Then we decided to check if this substitute of California in our heads has a chance to grow into something nice on Polish ground.

The Embassy brand name was originally supposed to be CA Embassy, which basically means the Embassy of California.  Although the name has evolved a bit, its meaning is unchanged - it turned out that we have shared our passion with a lot of great people who have fallen in love with our bikes and the story behind their creation. Thanks to those people, who appreciated the quality of Embassy, its aesthetics and atmosphere, our project evolved from a basement workshop in Warsavian Ursynów into a national company with professional infrastructure.

Our American Dream has come true in Poland. We’re so happy to share it with you.

How our bicycles are made:

Our offer for companies and custom bikes: 

  • individual branding
  • freedom in color choice
  • dedicated accessories
  • bicycle rental for photo sessions, group trips

Examplary projects: