Kids Bike Pistachio 16"

Rowery 16”
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Embassy Bikes
rear - coaster brake / hub integrated, front - v-brake
Frame material
aluminium (alloy 6061), light frame, with a comfortable low step - easy on and off
Wheel size (inches)
2.125 tire. Wider tires - easy handling on all surfaces, not only in urban conditions. Effortless ride on curbs, bumps and sand.
Number of gears
1 gear
pistachio and pink
steel, retro. Simple adjustment of the angle of inclination and height, both of the handlebars and the saddle - the possibility of a perfect fit of the bike.
Lowest handlebar height:
78cm - handlebars parallel to the ground.
Maximum handlebar height:
87 cm - handlebars parallel to the ground.
Handlebar grips
Lowest saddle height:
57 cm
Maximum saddle height:
79 cm
przód i tył – lampa diodowa typu retro
Weight (estimated)
Napęd klasyczny, łańcuchowy, w wersji 1-biegowej.
Package size
137 cm x 21 cm x 77cm
Tools included:
allen key 5mm / 6mm - multitool with 15mm / 13mm / 17mm wrenches
pedały plastikowe, stopka, dzwonek, lampka przednia, opcjonalnie kółka boczne
Recommended for 4-6 years


The Embassy series of children's bicycles was created primarily out of love for kids. We noticed the shortcomings in the Polish market and wanted to prove that unicycles for the youngest do not have to be boring and similar at all. This is how the Embassy KIDDO series was created - bicycles in which we care about quality and safety of children, but do not forget about good design. As with all Embassy designs, here too we were inspired by the United States. We remind the 80s and 90s with great fondness, and well remember with what blazes on our faces we admired their toys and everyday objects, including the very bikes of our peers from across the Ocean.

Wider tires allow us to easily overcome obstacles, we realize how important this is during the constant adventure that is childhood! We also take care of the spines of the youngest and relieve the strain on them with a frame and handlebars designed to make the posture of the body while riding very natural.

Bicycles from the KIDDO series undoubtedly will become inseparable companions for everyday adventures, and a very nice one at that! After all, kids love pretty things too!